Where’s the crew?

Currently Franck resides in Paris, France. Here he was born and shall stay until it is time to set sail. Of course Franck is always up for an adventure when time allots.

Ema divides her time between her home in France, traveling this world wide, and spending time in the United States near family. She considers Hawaii her home at heart, where she resided for many years, yet often finds herself upon the Great Lakes of Michigan where she was born, or in Florida while in the states.

Lili also travels, spending time in Paris with Franck, or wherever Ema may land a moment.

We are busy learning to sail, prepping for the life change of living on a boat and planning the adventure of our dreams!

Ideas for the route to come…
Our plan currently includes visiting 3 continents, 36 countries, and 54 islands.


We will begin in France, taking the rivers to the open ocean. From there sailing north to explore the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.


 From there we will sail down the coast of Europe to the Mediterranean Sea.


After exploring the many islands of the Mediterranean sea we will come down the coast of Africa, visiting Portuguese and Spanish islands along the way, before our first crossing of the Atlantic ocean.


 From there we are open to follow the sun, wherever the winds shall carry us upon the waters.