The Captain – Franck


This is Franck. He was born in Paris, France where he still resides, works and plays. His first language is French, but he also speaks fluent English and Portuguese, as well a bit of Spanish. He currently works for Hermes Paris and is learning the fine art of these products. Franck spends his free time when not with friends and family, studying sailing and all there is to know about life on a boat and the open ocean. He has begun his sailing certifications, yet still has much more ahead. Franck hopes to be in his boat living on a canal near Paris as soon as possible to be ready to set sail worldwide by 2020. You can follow him here at The Captain’s Log to know more as the process unfolds. There is still so much to do from finding the perfect boat, moving aboard, to sailing the world. A dream to follow the sun.

The First Mate – Ema


This is Ema. She was born in Flint, Michigan. Surrounded by the Greats Lakes and often on them through the summers of her childhood, her love of water began. She has spent just about her entire life traveling and often to destinations with beaches. In her very early years she traversed most of the 50 states with her mother. At eight years old she decided she wanted to someday sail the world. She has journeyed far since her first flight alone at twelve years old to meet her childhood pen pal across the country. Ema spent several years visiting Mexico through her early marine biology studies. Here her love for the ocean grew even deeper. Since then she has moved around far and wide, with times living in the emerald city of Seattle, Washington, the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, to many states across the country and Canada throughout her caretaker years. Several years ago Ema went abroad to England and decided to return and live in France. It is here that she met Franck. They began traveling for holidays around Europe, spending much time in peaceful Portugal, the Islands of Portugal and the south of France. Together they decided that the life for them was on the water, with endless possibilities of discovery ahead. So begins the adventure to live our dreams and follow the sun, sailing away our days. Ema is a photographer and a singer, to say the least. She hopes to reflect all she finds along the way with you through her many artistic projects. You can see more of what she is creating and past adventures at Project Soleil.

The Deckhand – Lili


This is Lili. She is an Pointer that loves to play and adventure the world. She is four years old and has already done several flights across the great Atlantic Ocean. Lili is looking forward to moving onto a boat. For now she spends times in the waters with Ema on the paddle board and swimming. She loves to pull you in and give you a ride to shore. She has also chased a few birds into the canals of Paris, yet that is definitely the last place you want to dive in. She is awaiting warm blue waters, and the many destinations ahead to explore.